HDK Suspension Customer Testimonials



"......the front end is really so much better and it sits just right. HDK baby!!"


 "I’m running an HDK front suspension on my 64. You won’t be able to beat the quality or customer service. I highly recommend Denny"


"Car performed absolutely flawlessly on the 1000 +/- mile round trip".

Johnny Mac

"The HDK kit? That's a quality kit, made by a gentleman named Hemi Denny. I have one on an A body. Quality piece and would buy again."  "Still going strong in the Dart! probably 7 or 8 years now!"

Randy Filter

"Just put mine on.. installed easy and looks great"

Mike Dima

"The coil over mounts I installed for my Charger look and fit perfectly!"

Voodoo 340

"A few months back I had ordered a set of HDK's tubular UCA's, which came in looking great. This week while on vacation I had torn into the LCA's on my '70 Duster to see where all the slop is coming from, only to find the lower ball joints worn and the LCA bushings were nearly non existent.

I had been planning on swapping to the rest of HDK's torsion bar eliminator kit in the future anyway, to make room for a large downpipe on my upcoming single turbo conversion, but finding all this wear sped up my plans. I reached out to Denny yesterday afternoon about the remaining parts (coil over bracket, hoop, LCA, etc.) and if he could get them in the mail to me soon so I could fit them before going back to work. Denny went to the shop today, dropped them off at UPS, and had me a tracking number after lunch (all on Christmas eve)! I can't wait to get everything fitted and my ride back on its wheels.

I would like to again say thank you to Denny for a great looking product, great communication, and great service."


"Hi Denny. Finally got to the drag strip with your new suspension on my 68 Barracuda and couldn’t be happier. The 300 lb. springs turned out to be a great choice. Everything went together perfectly and was easy to align. I replaced the upper control arm bushings with heim joints to free them up for weight transfer. My 60 ft times have improved and the additional caster makes the car much more stable at high speeds. Again Thanks for your help."

Eric Nyquist

"Phenomenal product and customer service."


"When you see the welds on the HDK stuff, you will be standing there with your mouth hanging open hunting for words.  Whoever welds that stuff up for Denny isn't a welder, he or she is an artist!"


"Like Christmas at my house. Absolutely amazed with my Hemi Denny K member package. Boxed up and carefully wrapped. Made it thousands of miles without a scratch."


"I had a vision of this car in my mind since the day I first saw it and stayed true to the build. Denny’s front end is one of my jewels on the car and you can bet I’ll be bragging on it!!"

Jim Howard

"So, I ended up going with the HDK coilover conversion. Went and picked all the stuff up Friday. All I have to say is what a nice setup. Every thing was lazer cut and welded up really good. Well worth every cent. And Hemi Denny is the nicest guy in the world. Gave me soooo much good info on my Hemi Dart build. Thanks everyone for the info on HDK"

"I work in a race shop in Michigan. I could have easily made all the components for my front end but I just don't have the time. I see certain things that a normal person might not see so it takes a lot to impress me. Definitely top notch stuff. Soooo glad I bought it from him".


"Denny it was a pleasure talking to you today and thank you for all the information. I will be ordering in the next couple of weeks." 

Ryan D

"I am writing this review in hopes that other potential customers read this and understand the kind of person you are. You probably don't know this but you sold your complete K frame package to me 8 months ago without me even purchasing it yet. When I called you then, you took the time to talk to me and answer all of my questions without hesitation. There are a few other companies offering the same basic setup but I felt right at home when I talked with you. When it was time for me to purchase my suspension I had no doubt in my mind that HDK was the front end that I needed. Through the installation and necessary additional thoughts and expertise I was able to install my new K member setup and am truly happy with the results. Besides your endless help and guidance, the parts and welded K frame package are second to none. To anyone considering a new front end mopar suspension upgrade such as Denny's, look no further, Denny is the best man for the job!"


"I have installed the HDK torsion bar eliminator kit on my 70 Duster. It’s easy to put in, and it gets the torsion bars out of the way so you could probably run B body headers if you’re putting a big block in the Duster. The HDK kit is some of the nicest stuff I have ever seen."

Brian S.

 "I like the HDK stuff. It’s very well built."

Bill Ryai

 "I have an HDK in mine. I love it. Rock solid stable at speed. Denny is great to work with."


"While moving the car I found out how badly the angles were off because of swapping it to front steer. It would work if you drag raced it, but when turning it drug the outer tire terribly.  After some thinking I broke down and bought an HDK (HemiDenny) K-frame. It is absolutely beautiful, and how the pieces are what would you say keyed together is amazing. Thought I didn’t want to buy an aftermarket K-frame but I’m glad I did. I know it will be safe to drive."

Sublime one

"I simply cannot say enough about the quality and level of customer service I have received from HDK. The quality of welding on the HDK rig was top notch."

"Like many on here I have replaced my front end on several Mopars with PST components and HDK. Is it OEM? Nope. Does it withstand going to the track, wheel standing 600 hp launches and hard stops for years and years? Sure does".



"I have the HDK kit that eliminates the torsion bars #HDK6466A-03 on my 66 Cuda. I've put about 3000 miles on it with no issues. Rides much nicer with the coilovers and it's really nice not having the torsion bars in the way." 

Vern Fields

 "I run the Hemi Denny torsion bar elimination kit on mine with double adjustable QA1 coil overs and love it."

Sublime 1

"I went with HDK for the tubular front end, super good guy excellent product. Wealth of knowledge and information".

W. Parris

"Hemi Denny worked fine for me with my 6.1"

Danny W - Brisbane, Queensland - Australia

"I bought an HDK front end for my Australian VH Charger A-body (RH steer). I have installed the kit and it went in like a dream."

C. Taylor

"Mine went in perfect. No issues at all. Everything fit as it should and Denny is one of the nicest guys I've ever talked to. Great customer service."


"There are still a few things to button up but I was able to take a short little test drive. The HemiDenny front end felt great. Massive steering feel change. Very precise and with good weighting. The HDK front end played a huge factor in making header fitment issues minimal too. I was quite pleased with the quality of my HDK kit".


"Have had the kit on for over a year now. Had the Dart at MATS 2017, and ran the strip and the autocross, and was very pleased with how it performed. Handling is very controlled at speed too. Have had a few runs in the 130 range. Need to switch back to street gears and really push the speed up." (Single lower control arm torsion bar eliminator kit)


"1000 km now driven. 2 times ( weekends ) on the track. Maybe not the most miles but I bet the fastest."

"240 km/h /150 mph recorded by GPS on our Autobahn. I feel way more safe now."

Carl M.

"Installed HDK coil over shock supports in my Dart last week. Nice product!"


"The drive train is out of a 2010 SRT8 Chally with 17k miles on it. I also bought an HDK front end and of course it's top quality!"

"I've had my hands on two of Denny's front ends plus one RMS and the Control Freak for my Roadrunner. I've also dealt with a bunch of after market street rod stuff. Denny's is as good or better than the best and WAY better than the worst!! TOP QUALITY STUFF!"

Jason Steiner

"......and B body cars. It fit perfectly!"


"Working in the aircraft industry makes you expect a certain level of quality in parts and I'm really blown away at the quality of this kit. The welds are really awesome. You can tell that there was a lot of thought put into the way the kit is built. I can pull my TTi headers in 15 minutes flat! So much extra room in there and it drives so good now. Good riddance torsion bars!  My hat's off to Denny on making this high quality kit and making me feel completely satisfied about spending the money I did on it."

The coilover and R&P up front make for a great driving machine. I no longer have to continuously turn the wheel side to side trying to keep it straight on the road and braking quality had improved a ton. Drives straight and brakes straight.


 "Denny was nothing short of an absolute pleasure to deal with."


"Proud to be a new member of the HDK club. Incredible piece and a great guy to deal with."

Pat "O"

"I took the Duster in for the alignment and put about 25 miles on it, it drove like a new car.  You will have a good spokesperson for HDK. "

Marcus C.

"......just wanted to say thanks for the amazing product and amazing help. I tell everyone I come in contact with about the front suspension under my car. I can't explain the pleasure it's been dealing with you."


"I have the Hemi Denny K in my 67 fish and I couldn't be happier. I just got it all together and only a few quick blasts down the road ( no alignment yet ) before winter got here. Even without alignment all I can say is wow! Night and day difference going from an all new stock front end to an HDK! Denny's customer service is second to none, the man talked to me like we had been best friends for 20 years every time I called. Very high quality piece, his welder is a true artist and I almost couldn't cover it up with black paint. The HDK is the best mod I've ever made to my car. I would do it again and never look back."


"Denny's HDK suspension is top quality. I build these cars for a living and I install a lot of aftermarket suspensions.  I use a lot of different products at my shop and I chose HDK for my personal car.  The HDK is very nice. You won't be disappointed."

"The ride height and back spacing of the wheels are spot on. Special thanks to Denny aka. Hemidenny and his HDK front suspension."


"I bought my HDK K member last year after seeing it at the Nats. I love it! It was very easy to install. It gave me a ton of room in the engine bay. I can tell you the car is rock solid stable and goes straight as an arrow at the track. Denny is super easy to work with. He let me take the K member home to do all the test fitting then bring it back for the finish work."


"I have had both, the Alterkation in an E-body and a Hemidenny in my A-body (current car). I like the HDK best. The coil over mount is by far superior in my opinion. Plus you can pick all your own accessories..i.e rack, shocks, knuckles etc. The cost is better also."

Jr. Koren

"I love my HDK, it fits my 5.7 Hemi in my 1970 Dart perfectly."


"I sleep so much better knowing a 40 year old set of torsion bars Isn't what's keeping me stable at 120 mph... So happy with my HDK I will be using one on every Mopar I put together"

"Ran 10.80's on mine at the Nats with Denny himself stopping up to help me adjust a few things. Great engineered product, leaps and bounds over the factory setup and A+ customer service and attention.....I can gladly say this is the best money I have put into this car."

B. Rhoades

"I have Hemi Denny's front end parts on my Dart and love them. Highly recommend looking at his products if you are considering an upgrade."


"I love my HDK period. If swapping stock for IFS I wouldn't use anything else."

"I just finished installing my HDK in the Hemi Barracuda and all thats left to do is the steering shaft. Easy as pie."

"This front suspension is so well built and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again Denny."

*Note: This customer currently has his 4th HDK equipped vehicle under construction. 


"I can't stress how great the fit and finish is with this unit. The build quality is amazing. I come from a fabrication background. I have built/modified nearly everything on my car and like to think that I have high standards. I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of this front suspension."

"Then I tackled the feared and revered TTI under chassis header install.................Yawn, jacked up the car and slid them in from below. Took me 15 min. for both sides. Guys, I can't put into words how open and spacious the engine bay is now. I can reach everything! Nothing is pinched, trapped or hard to get to."

 "Just let that soak in........ BIG BLOCK HEADERS INTO AN A-BODY IN 15 MINUTES! Are you ******* kidding me?"

Old school

"Well I have mine installed now. Everything fits great. Everything lines up and nothing rubs. I got mine for the added clearance to put an RB big block into my 68 Cuda. I have a ton of room for some big custom headers now!" 

"The motor is 950 horsepower 860 foot pounds of torque. 588". Also has a new Passon 5 speed overdrive. Should be an awesome street car. Hoping for around 3000 pounds."

"Thanks Denny for all the advice and help!"

Canadian Cuda

"Denny was great to deal with and really knows his stuff. The quality of the components are second to none. After comparing all the options for aftermarket K member suspensions the HDK was the right choice."


"Got my HDK in last week and promptly installed it. Like everyone says its a great product and Denny is top notch to work with."


".......everything fit perfect, moved and articulated without any issues".

R Greule

"It was a night and day difference. The old stuff was horrible and the ball joints were all in a bind with the car at the height I wanted. The HDK is by far the best money I have spent on this project.  I couldn't be any happier. Mounting the HDK in there, everything fits awesome. The tires are tucked in so much better with this vs my previous suspension"


"Denny, received mine today. Fantastic job!"

Andrew - Austin, TX

"I love how tight everything tucks under the car."

warrendodge - Auckland, New Zealand

"Went for my first drive last weekend. Your front suspension kit is worth every $ it cost and then some. Car drives great! 68 440 Dart - fantastic front suspension."

Sharpy - Australia

"I love my Denny K-member, there's a couple of us down here using Dennys awesome product in our builds, the word is spreading, I already want another one and my head is going stupid with ideas for another build to throw one in. I think once we get our cars out there Denny may be getting a few more orders from Oz. I love my HDK. Awesome bit of gear!"

RB - Melbourne, Australia

"Tech support and follow up was first class and I am in Australia. A very good friend of mine has had the same service from Denny."

 "Our registration system (in Australia) requires major mods like these to be inspected by Automotive Engineers for design, strength, weld quality and use. My engineer declared that this was the best piece he had ever seen - by far."

"Whilst I have been playing with cars for over 30 years and have dealt with many businesses in that time, Denny has just been simply AWESOME to work with both in the quality of the product and his communication/customer service. Just SECOND TO NONE !!"


"Denny has been great to deal with and accommodated my needs (non stock frames) with no hesitation, thanks. .......absolutely no complaints (all compliments actually)."

Rod - Indiana

"Starting to drive the BB 69 Valiant more and getting adjusted to it and noticed how responsive the steering is with the HDK. I would think that with the right rear suspension and a high winding small block combined with the HDK the car would be awesome to drive".

"I really do not see the need for power steering. With the rack and pinion it seems like even with a big block it turns pretty easily - a lot easier than my manual stock small block A-body."

Robert G

".......Everything bolted right in better than a Hot Rodder should ever expect.......Then the test drive. It rides, drives, turns & stops like it has been in the gym and hitting steroids on a regular basis. Modern. Fresh. In an odd kinda way it feels like I am part of the car while driving........"

"At this moment I'm still a little in disbelief. Ease of install A+ !! Transformation to a more enjoyable, modern reacting and feeling car A+++! The price ?? Worth every penny and more."

"If you can't tell. I'm pretty damn satisfied Sir."