HDK Suspension FAQs


Question:  What is the hub-to-hub width of a 67-76 A-body HDK front suspension?

Answer:  With Wilwood brakes and spindles the 67-76 HDK A-body front end width is approximately 58" hub-to-hub.

Question:  What is the maximum suspension travel (at the spindle) of an HDK 67-76 A-body front suspension?

Answer:  The suspension travel (at the spindle) of an HDK 67-76 A-body front suspension using the QA1 #DS 501 coil over shock and 12" spring is 5.5" to the bump stop (which leaves another approx. 1/4" in reserve). This keeps your shocks from bottoming out, especially compared to other brands that have less travel and don't even offer bump stops.

Question:  Can I use my stock front Mopar spindles with the HDK K-frame by flipping them from side-to-side?

Answer:  No. Flipping the stock rear-steer spindles side-to-side to make a front steer causes serious geometry errors in the areas of bump steer and ackerman. A car thus configured is not really safe to drive at highway speeds due to severe handling and stability issues.

Question:  Can my car have it's new suspension system installed at HDK?

Answer:  Yes, if you bring your vehicle to HDK (by appointment) Denny will handle your install personally. HDK is located in Findlay, Ohio just off of I-75 about 45 minutes south of Toledo. Also, if you are within a 100 mile radius of HDK, arrangements may be made for Denny to come to your location to install your suspension or even to take measurements and perform a trial fit for a custom installation.

Question:  Where can I see several HDK builds in person?

Answer:  HDK sponsors a large tent at The Nationals (formerly referred to as the Mopar Nationals) at National Trail Raceway in Columbus, OH every year. Usually the 2nd weekend of August, The tent typically features many HDK builds including several Hemi A-body conversions as well as some very famous historic Mopars, Mopar race cars and personalities.

Question:  How much weight will I save by converting to an HDK rack / coilover suspension package?

Answer:  The typically weight savings when converting to an HDK front suspension system is approximately 33 pounds.

Question:  If I have special needs like a different engine setback, raised floorpan and powertrain, custom P.S. pump or A/C compressor installation, can HDK accommodate them?

Answer:  Yes, HDK has performed many custom installs. Denny's motto: "The difficult we do immediately; the impossible may take an extra day or two".

Question:  Are custom exhaust headers required for an HDK suspension?

Answer:  No. Because of the space freed up by the elimination of the torsion bars, steering box and drag link, almost any out of the box headers for A, B or E-body platforms fit with no interference whatsoever (test fitting recommended). For example, on an A-body Gen II Hemi install, most have been using out of the box (TTi) B-E body headers although TTi in particular has recently introduced Gen II Hemi headers made specifically for A-body platforms with aftermarket tubular K-frames. This latest addition to their lineup offers improved clearance for power steering hoses.

Question:  Does HDK have a Facebook page?

Answer:  Yes.